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Industrial Android Training Program

Android is most common Operating system in mobile devices. From Samsung to HTC, Sony to Micromax all has android operating system. Its user friendly GUI, everlasting features, fast speed and versatility of hardware has made Android on top of mobile OS list. An Android mobile range from INR 5000 to INR 50,000. All vary in functionality, speed and features. A most common phrase fits android perfectly “The more sugar you add, the more sweet will be the taste”. Hence, with a varied range of options and catching almost all the handset brands, android has created its place in the pocket of more than half India and the word.
Prevoir Infotech is working in android app development from the day the technology arrived in India. With the help of dedicated team members and their creative work, we have developed distinct application for Android market. All are running successfully and gained enormous reviews.Our Company has gained very high reputation and has become a leading Android Development Company in Jaipur. Hence, under the guidance of our experts and experienced team members, we are providing the best android training in Jaipur. Our team of experts to make you best in this field.

We provide Android training in two phases:-
Phase 1- In this phase we offer Application fundamentals, Android layouts and views, Handling user interaction events, Grouping, Creating menus, themes, Creating dialog, Debugging android applications, Toast, Status bar, dialog notification etc.
Phase 2 – in this phase we offer Multimedia in android, Multimedia supported audio formats, Simple media playback, supported video formats, sql database, Geocoding and Location Based Services, Maps, Finding Current Location, Web Services, JSON Parser, XML Parser, introducing sqlite, Sqlite open helper and creating a database, Opening and closing a database and etc.,

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